Literacy 1 Set

Literacy 1 Set

Learn the shapes, formation and phonics sounds of sounds of A to Z
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Recommended for ages 5 & above.

This set includes Literacy 1 Book as well as the CVC Pegging Cards to be used together with the book.
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Help your child to learn the formation, sounds and sequence of the letters of the English alphabet!  

This colourful book contains hands-on exercises for sequencing the Aa to Zz, matching small letters to capital letters, correct formation of capital and small letters as well as visual discrimination of letters of different fonts (print awareness). We also included phonemic awareness exercises for the hard consonant and short vowel sounds of all 26 letters as well as craftwork to emphasize vowel sounds and for b-d discrimination. 

How to use


Meant for daily use for children from as young as 4 years old (with adult guidance). Includes a mix of cut-and-paste, tracing and writing activities to train fine-motor skills. 

Package contents


Set contains:

  • Literacy Book 1

  • CVC Pegging Cards


Book’s Contents:

  • Aa to Zz letter sounds chart

  • Capital and small letter matching

  • Aa to Zz sequencing

  • Individual letter recognition and phonemic awareness exercises

  • Games on starting, ending and middle vowel sounds 

  • A suggested Vowel song

  • Dolch Sight Word Lists for reference – Pre-Primer and Primer



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